Cyber Awareness Training
O’Mard Consulting Services, LLC will provide you with training on how to deal with threats that you may encounter in the office such as phishing scams, identity theft, best practices when using the internet, and other tips on how to safely navigate the internet in order to strengthen your organizations security posture.

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning
With your permission, we’ll scan your website / application for vulnerabilities and provide you with a detailed report listing the identified vulnerabilities by severity as well as steps that can be taken to remediate the documented vulnerabilities. A secure website / application enhances your customers experience by providing them with a computing platform that they can trust and helps to strengthen your organizations security by removing unnecessary risk.

Have an IT project that you’d like to tackle but don’t no where to start? O’Mard Consulting Services, LLC has the technical expertise required to evaluate your project, provide your with recommendations, and provide you with support in order to address your IT needs.

Business Continuity & Incident Response Planning 
We’ll work with your organization to conduct a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) in order to develop a Business Continuity and or Incident Response plan which will provide sufficient detail to limit and in many instances completely avoid operational outages at your organization. This plan will contain adequate information to describe the current level of resiliency at your organization and propose requirements for future enhancements of IT resources.

Risk Assessments
We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of the day to day operations of your organization, identify areas that expose the organization to risk, and provide recommendations on how to mitigate identified issues; thus improving your organizations resiliency and operational effectiveness.