What’s a Solutions Architect?

No matter what your role is in your given occupation, we’ve all had an idea that we believe could improve our organization and or way of life. Unfortunately, many of us only get to the idea phase and fail to see our ideas come to fruition for a myriad of reasons. The most common justification tends to go something along the lines of ” we simply don’t know where to start”. Well have no fear my friends, the Solutions Architect is here!

So what’s a Solutions Architect? A Solutions Architect is an individual who traditionally is well versed in a variety of technical resources and makes many of the big decisions when it comes to building and or buying a technical solution (such as a web application and it’s supporting infrastructure). A Solutions Architect looks at things that the average person might miss such as “Will our website be able to scale to meet our customers demand in the future?” or “How can we secure the data that we collect from customer in order to avoid bad press, law suits, and a tainted brand image in the event that our systems are compromised?”. The Solutions Architect is your trusted advisor when it comes to making mission critical technical decisions.

In order to be an effective Solutions Architect, one must be able to:

  1. balance the needs of the organization and it’s stakeholders
  2. familiarize themselves with the organizations mission and domain
  3. be a team player
  4. stay current with technical trends and industry best practices
  5. be flexible

to name a few key skills…

So what benefit does an organization get from hiring a Solutions Architect? Well for starters, a Solutions Architect can significantly increase productivity and lower cost by allowing your staff to focus on areas where they’re the in house subject matter expert while the Solution Architect focuses on architecture specifications and technical platforms that are needed to implement the solution. The organization gains a technical leader who is able to apply their technical knowledge and professional experience to solving project wide issues, and finally, the Solutions Architect is able to provide your organization with a secure, stable, functional, and supportable IT environment.

Interested in learning more about what a Solutions Architect does or need a Solutions Architect to make your IT dreams come true? Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

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