A Quick Guide on Mobile Device Security Best Practices!


  • According to Wandera, corporate mobile devices use Wi-Fi roughly three times as much as they use cellular data. This makes them a prime target for cyber criminals.
  • McAfee states that networking spoofing has increased significantly over the last few years. This is a significant issue, since less than 50% of travelers take steps to secure their internet connection while traveling, opting to blindly trust public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Apps like “Beauty Makeup, Selfie Camera Effects, Photo Editor” have been flagged by security firm, Trend Micro, for sending users explicit content, redirecting them to phishing sites, and collecting user photos.

Imagine life without your mobile device. These devices allow us to engage in a variety of tasks, such as, communicating with friends and loved ones, paying bills, and checking into flights. Mobile devices tend to store key pieces of data about our lives, and ultimately, serve as a prime target for cyber criminals. The following infographic provides a few best practices that you can use to secure to mobile device.

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