How to Avoid Falling Victim to a Gift Card Scam!


  • One in 10 adults in the US will fall victim to fraud every year.” (Business Insider, 2019)
  • In 2019, $667 million was lost to imposters, who often pretended to represent a government agency, or a well-known business. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these scammers were typically paid in gift cards.
  • The FTC reported that $74 million was lost in scams involving gifts cards and reload cards, during the first 9 months of 2019.

Gift cards are one of the primary payment mechanisms utilized by scammers (FTC Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2018). Recent statistics, from the FTC, show that gift card scams have continued to increase dramatically over the years.  Last year, O’Mard Consulting Services, LLC worked with a client to explore the tactics scammers use when they attempt to orchestrate a gift card scam. The video below, provided by the FTC, highlights the steps you should take, if you have fallen victim to a scam and paid the scammer via a gift card.

Gift cards used in a scam should be reported immediately to the company(ies) that issued the gift card(s). Additionally, you should report the incident to the FTC. If you have any additional questions regarding what steps you need to take to protect yourself from scammers in general, do not hesitate to contact us. O’Mard Consulting Services, LLC is here to help in your quest to stay safe while navigating the digital world known as the internet.

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