What can small businesses do to improve their security posture?

You may think that your small business is safe from security related issues however, small businesses are often times more vulnerable to cyber attacks than large corporations as they tend to not have the in-houses resources to identify and remediate cyber incidents. Here are a few steps from Fox Business that small businesses can take to protect themselves from malicious entities and cyber attacks:

  1. Don’t do it alone. Small companies, if they can’t afford their own in-house technology experts, should hire consultants who specialize in helping small businesses build and maintain their defenses.
  2. Think beyond your system. Companies can be attacked through other businesses or computer users including vendors and online storage services. Small business owners should ask anyone who links into their computers about the steps they take to protect everyone’s data. “It’s not OK to just contract with a firm. It’s also doing due diligence,” says Diana Burley, a professor at George Washington University’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development, whose expertise includes cybersecurity.
  3. Back up everything. When Marcos Francos’ company, Atlanta-based Mighty Clean Home, was attacked by ransomware, his files were rendered inaccessible. But because he had backed up all of his data, he didn’t have to pay the ransom demanded by cyber thieves to unlock the files, and he was able to restore his system.

Check out the following article for some additional safeguarding tips!

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