One Simple Step You Can Take to Secure Your Online Accounts!


  • The Telesign Consumer Account Security Report identified that 54% of online shoppers use five or fewer passwords across all of their online accounts.
  • This means that if an attacker can gain just one account password from a victim, there is a great chance that the attacker can use that same password to access another account owned by the victim.
  • Research conducted by Google determined that device-prompt Two Factor Authentication (2FA) was able to stop 100% of automated bot account takeover attacks.

Let’s face it, many of us reuse passwords and in general, passwords are relatively easy to guess if you know enough about an individual. But what if we told you there was a way to secure your online accounts even if your passwords were compromised? Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can do just that, allowing us to keep our online accounts, and personal information, safe! The following infographic, curated by our friends at the Cybercrime Support Network, provides you with an overview on MFA and why enabling this safeguard is important.

Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs

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